Trolebus Quito Map, main north to south transport service for travelers, Quito Ecuador

Trolebus Quito Map, south side
Trolebus Quito Map, center and north stations
Quito Ecuador Map Center
La Carolina park near Trolebus Quito, Trolebus Map
Trolebus best stations
With most 10 years of service, Trolebus Quito is a very good way to move from North to South and viceversa. For tourism purposes the stations you must use are:
- North to South way, Mariscal, Santa Clara, El Ejido, Teatro Sucre and Plaza Grande.
- South to North way, Santo Domingo, Teatro Sucre, Hermano Miguel, Mariscal, Santa Clara and Colon.
Trolebus security tips
- Avoid the rear doors and the middle door.
- Try to carry the less bags and money over you.
- Carry your personal documents copy, not original (color copies must work)
- Try to keep your photo or video camera undercover.
- Always go with a mid size travelers group, not alone.
- Check specially near Santo Domingo area where the local polices are as an antirobbers service.

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