Book flights to Quito Ecuador, the flights to Quito from USA, Europe, Asia and Latin america here is the directory of Airlines who flight to Quito Ecuador, book direct with airlines and get cheaper fares

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  Flights to Quito Ecuador, International airlines and fares  

Flights to Quito from Europe and USA are frequent and often inexpensive. If you are planning a trip out of the country, air travel is also fast and convenient.

Here are the complete list of airlines who provides flights to Quito, this airlines flights with the following conecctions and routes:

  • From China, Japan, Canada, USA, the flights are routed through Miami, New York and Houston.
  • From Europe, the flights depart from Madrid, Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt this always has layover in Caribean Islands, Panama City or Bogota.

Air Flights to Quito Price

The price for an airflight to Quito from US starts at 350 USD more or less in low season.

From Europe departing in a cheaper airline from Madrid the price starts at 650 USD minimun in low season.

In high season, during May, June, July and August, and in November and December. In that season the air flight to Quito has a price in the limit of 700 or more depending your departing city.

The following is a directory of airlines that operate in Ecuador and that you can contact from Quito, your departure city.

We strongly recommend to check the international airlines with flights to Quito Ecuador directly to get better fares.

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International Airline Companies with Flights to Quito Ecuador

American Airlines:
Amazonas Ave. at República Ave., “El Jardín” Mall, 1st floor.
Reservations: (593 2) 299 5000 Airport: (593 2) 330 2241
Air Europa :
R. Victoria 1539 and Colón Streets, Banco de Guayaquil, 15th floor, office 1507–6
Tel: (593 2) 256 7646/647
Coruña & Belo Horizonte St., Locale 3 Airport: (593 2) 330 2202
Continental Airlines:
12 de Octubre Ave. at Cordero St., World Trade Center
11th Floor, Office 1108
Tel: (593 2) 255 7290. Airport: (593 2) 330 2219/2220
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International Airline Companies with Flights to Quito Ecuador

Copa Airilines flights to Quito Ecuador
Copa Airlines:
Republica del Salvador 361 and Moscú Streets.
Aseguradora del Sur Bldg., Ground Floor
Tel: (593 2) 227 3882 • Fax: (593 2) 227 0445
Airport: (593 2) 330 2203/ (593 2) 330 1449
Delta Airilines flights to Quito Ecuador
Aerolínea Delta:
Av. 12 de Octubre y Cordero (Edf World Trade Center)
Reservaciones: 1800-101060
Aeropuerto: (593-2) 331164/3302330
PBX: (593-2) 2225-259
Iberia Airilines flights to Quito Ecuador
939 Eloy Alfaro St. at Amazonas Ave.,
Finandes Bldg., 5th Fl.
Tel: (593 2) 2566009 • Airport: (593 2) 243 1708, (593 2) 330 2248, (593 2) 330 2248, Fax: (593 2) 3302238
KLM Airilines flights to Quito Ecuador
N2627 12 de Octubre Ave. at A. Lincoln St.,
Torre Bldg., 1492, 11th Fl., 03
Tel: (593 2) 298 6859 • Fax: (593 2) 298 6858
Airport: (593 2) 330 1235/36
LAN Chile Airilines flights to Quito Ecuador
LanEcuador / LanChile / LanPerú
E3131 Pasaje Río Guayas at Amazonas Ave., Rumiñahui Bldg.
Tel: (593 2) 299 2300 Fax: (593 2) 299 2339 Fax: (593 2) 226 2117
Santa Bárbara Airilines flights to Quito Ecuador
Santa Barbara :
794 Portugal St. at Republica del Salvador Ave.
Tel: (593 2) 225 3972/3973/3974/3043, Fax: (593 2) 243 6845/6787• Airport: (593 2) 330 0336/ (593 2) 330 1481/1482
Taca Airilines flights to Quito Ecuador
Republica del Salvador 918 and Suecia St. Andres Plaza Bldg., Office 2
Tel: (593 2) 292 3170 • Airport: (593 2) 330 2254/2255

So you can be sure of your flight, it's crucial to reconfirm your reservation 72 hours in advance. Remember to be in the airport 2 hours before the departure time. Airlines nearly always overbook seats on their flights, and by arriving early you will avoid the hassle of being bumped from the flight.

It's important to always carry money in cash and if possible in low denominations: $1, $5, and $10. This will come in handy for expenses like: taxis, renting baggage carts, food and snacks, phone cards and airport tax. You will have a hard time getting change even for a bill of $20 in Ecuador!

The airport tax for leaving the country is $25, which must be paid in cash after checking in for your flight. Internal flights have taxes already included.

So that your can better manage your time and your budget, we've included the approximate costs of some internal flights in Ecuador as well as the approximate travel time. We remind you that these costs can vary depending on the season in which you wish to travel and the availability of seats.

To/From North America

From the US, there are nonstop flights from Houston, Miami, and New York (Newark) with Continental and American Airlines. These carriers also serve Canada, with connections from Montrel or Toronto to New York or Miami and then on to Quito or Guayaquil. Flights.

To/From Australia/New Zealand

Options are limited and pricey for any South American destination. More frequent departures and destinations are available by connecting through Honolulu or Los Angeles.

To/From Europe

Most flights involve a change of plane in Miami or a South American capital other than Quito. Iberia Airlines flies nonstop Quito-Madrid and KLM flies to Amsterdam and Paris. Fares from London are often cheaper than fares from other European cities.

Within South America

Nearly every destination is served. Economic crises can make for sudden airfare bargains. Check with travel agencies in the Mariscal area to get the lowdown on deals and promotions. Often, posted promotional fares are riddled with restrictions, but sometimes travel agents can talk to the airline and give you a cheaper price.

**When leaving Ecuador by air:

  1. Confirm your flight often - a week, 72 hours, 24 hours before departure, the more the better. Flight schedules can change!
  2. Remember to show up three hours in advance for international flights with $31.60 cash in hand to pay the departure tax.

If you are not on a tourist visa, you will also have to have your "permiso de salida" with you to leave the county Getting your salida pass

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