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Ecuadorian cuisine is diverse and delicious. The Ecuadorian gastronomy is characterized by traditional dishes influenced by the indigenous diet and the mix of other cultures that have come up with authentic dishes like: locro, fritada and the true ceviche.

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, offers its visitors a great selection of food and restaurants. With numerous restaurants and small stands, Quito and its surroundings, give you the opportunity to enjoy from French fries to a filet mignon. Prices vary from place to place.

Quito has numerous restaurants, bars and cafes throughout the city. Many restaurants have already gained their fame, such as La Ronda, El Rincón Manabita, el café Modelo or El Rincón de Francia, among others.

Quito has a great variety of restaurants; Ecuadorian cuisine, to international plates from Spain, Italy, France, China, etc, accompanied by local specialties. The quality of the food varies and our advice is to get recommendations from friends or people who know the gastronomy of Quito.

Prices vary from very cheap to very expensive, but compared to prices abroad the food is relatively cheap.

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The price also depends on what you request. National cusine is cheaper than international cusine, because the ingredients are harder to obtain in Ecuador. For example, wines are expensive since they are imported from Chile, Argentina, the United States or France.

Some restaurants add to the bill 12% for Taxes (IVA) and a 10% for service. Take this into account because these values sometimes are hidden or not published in the list of prices. Small restaurants and fast food places generally include the taxes in the bill.

Depending on the service, it is recommended to leave an additional tip. In some restaurants it is not necessary.

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Restaurants in Quito generally open from 12h00 or a little later. Lunchtime is approximately from 12h30 to 15h00, when every restaurant is open. Exclusive restaurants are generally open until midnight.

We recommend leaving ahead of time to obtain a table, especially on weekends. Popular restaurants are full during peak hours and you will have to wait for a table.

Although in Quito, there isn't a sector defined for restaurants, many of these sites are near the areas where there is a nocturnal atmosphere, for example, on Amazonas Ave. and bordering streets you can find all types of places.

Another area where there are many restaurants is on Portugal Street, in front of the Benalcázar School. Many of these restaurants are expensive, but with an excellent food and service.

Quito also offers fast food. From all types from the well known international chains like Burger King, McDonald's, KFC, etc. and other national restaurants like Tropiburger or La Caravan.

Fast food restaurants can be found on the main streets of the city. In the big shopping centers of Quito there are always food courts. These places offer variety in food and prices.

The food courts allow you to use your imagination, because there are many restaurants, all with unique dishes: for pasta in Mamma mia, and to drink along with your meal, a bottle of wine from El Español and a dessert from Hansel and Gretel.

If you want authentic national food, the best options are to visit the outskirts of Quito, like Tumbaco, San Rafael, Mitad del Mundo or Guayabamba. These places you can find the best restaurants with national food and low prices.

Being in the outskirts, these places allow you to make your eating experience into a short trip, where you can enjoy the warmer climate of the surrounding areas.

Another advantage of these restaurants, besides the food, is that in many of the premises they have weekend spectacles. It is recommended inquiring with the restaurant when they offer such spectacles.

It is a pleasure eating in Quito with all its excellent restaurants, so enjoy.

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