Quito Spanish Schools are well known around the world, also the Quito Universities has a lot of interchange programs, if you are thinking to do some studies at Quito, read the following sections for your guide and understanding

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Quito has numerous educational institutions in different fields. There are educative institutions for primary, secondary and superior levels. Many of these institutions have adapted to the needs of the present world and have links with international education.

Quito, being the capital of Ecuador, has the presence of schools and universities with years of reputation, schools like the Colegio Americano or universities like the Catholic University of Ecuador are some examples.

The links with foreign schools is a positive factor in the Ecuadorian education. Many schools give their classes in Spanish and English. The studies have adapted to the international norms and the cultural and educative interchanges are at your service any time.

You'll find many of these institutions and the main universities within Quito.
Quito has the sufficient educative infrastructure to face the modern educative norms. In addition, the city offers numerous additional advantages for students like libraries, bookstores, research centers and places to relax from your studies and to entertain yourself.

Many educative institutions in Quito give special privileges to foreign students and offer specialized help for adaptation to the Ecuadorian ways.
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Quito's universities work along with the universities of other nations and look for agreements that favor the educative interchange with other countries, for example, the San Francisco University or the University of the Américas.

The educative institutions work for both sides: inside and outside the country. That is to say, besides sending students abroad, they also receive students from other countries, which enriches their education and also they enjoy their stay in the country.

The best way to come and study in Quito is to look for an agreement between an university or school in your country and with an university or school in Quito. This way it is easier to obtain help (financial or other) and facilitates studying abroad.

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Depending on the university or school, classes often are in Spanish and English. This depends on the institution and the type of interchange that is being done.

We recommend knowing Spanish, at least a basic knowledge, to enjoy your stay in Ecuador.

The main universities of Quito are: the Central University of Ecuador, the Catholic University of Ecuador, San Francisco University, SEK University of Ecuador, the University of the Américas, among others.

The main schools that offer an international education are: American school of Quito, the International School SEK, Cotopaxi Academy, Colegio Aleman, School of the Condamine and others.

The study habits differ between each educative organization. If an educative institution has not assisted you, go to the main office for information about inscriptions.

The requirements are often different, but generally you'll need an identity card (passport) and diplomas or certificates of previous institutions.

The price depends on the type of interchange and where you're going to study. For example, the most expensive university in Quito is the San Francisco, whereas the cheapest is the Central University. Generally the prices for matriculation and tuition are more than 700 dollars; often they pass the 1000 dollars.

Nevertheless, the cost of education in this country is relatively cheaper than in other countries like Colombia, Brazil or the United States.

In Quito, schools and universities are fed by an easy access transport system, except for the exceptions of the University San Francisco that is in Cumbayá, in the outskirts of the city.

Besides universities and schools, there are other educative institutions in Quito that are centers for social research like Spanish schools.

The social research centers are bound to the NGO's and Organizations for development. They are diverse and do studies in specific fields, for example, investigations of the standard of life and searches in historical archives or restoring the cultural wealth of the country.

To enter one of these research centers, it is necessary to have a title of a superior education or at least to have finished your secondary education.

As to the Spanish schools, you can find these in the touristy parts of Quito, where there are a great number of foreigners.

Taking Spanish courses while in Quito can be very useful and is a great opportunity to meet more people.

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