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Galapagos Tourist superior cruises

This Galapagos Tourist superior cruises, are vessels who has the same class of luxury of a 80 or 100 passengers Galapagos cruise, but are more smaller and private, making the trip more friendly and not crowded.

This Galapagos Tourist superior class cruises are ideal for couple Galapagos tour, honey moons and experiences like that, read more about every each Galapagos tourist class cruises listed below and visited their official websites for itineraries, prices, departures, facilities and more information about each Galapagos Tourist Superior Cruise.

Athala Galapagos Motor Catamaran

Athala Galapagos Cruise official website
M/C Athala open operations in 2005, with incredible world class facilities and luxury service, the Athala Galapagos Catamaran will go further, visit more islands and cruise faster than any other boats in it's size... With an unparalelled stability you are guaranteed a quiet and relaxed cruise
Athala Galapagos Cruise

Coral I Galapagos Cruise

Coral I Galapagos Cruise official website
It has 18 spacious cabins decorated with a marine style taste. There is plenty of room for storage, and even better, all beds in all cabins are lower and they can be arranged as matrimonial, as well as single and twin beds.
Coral I Galapagos Cruise

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Coral II Galapagos Cruise

Coral II Galapagos Cruise official website
The M/Y Coral II is a landmark 11-cabin yacht, styled in an era of eye-catching design, a beautiful blend of form and function. She boasts romantic and cozy living areas, intimate and modish dining, sleek and seductive outside decks. Her amenities and outstanding service make her the ideal yacht for experiencing the marvels of the islands.
Coral II Galapagos Cruise

Cormorant Catamaran Galapagos Cruise

Cormorant Catamaran brand new Galapagos Cruise official website
Catamarán Cormorant II ,  has 6 cabins with low beds and 2 cabins with double beds all of them with private bathroom. Hot water, air conditioner, dinning room, TV, DVD, Stereo, library, bar in the main deck, bar in the solarium, Jacuzzi and double solarium with the chairs. All the cabins are in the main deck with sea view.
Cormorant Catamaran Galapagos Motor Yacht

Estrella de Mar II Galapagos Cruise

Estrella de Mar II Galapagos Cruise official website
Estrella de Mar II, was designed for travelers who want to enjoy eco-tourism with diving in complete comfort. Accommodation: 8 Double cabins with private toilet and shower. All cabins with air conditioning, bar, dinning room, living room, the social areas have direct view to the ocean.
Estrella de Mar II Galapagos cruise

Eric, Flamingo and Letty Galapagos Cruises

Eric, Flamingo and Letty Galapagos Cruises official website
Our signature fleet of three identical Superior first-class 20-passenger motor-yachts, M/Y Eric, Flamingo I and Letty Galapagos Cruises, were custom-designed for Galapagos excursions. The sister yachts offer tremendous value for superior comfort in spacious accommodations for small groups.
Eric, Flamingo and Letty Galapagos Cruises

Parranda Galapagos Cruise

Parranda Galapagos Cruise official website
Parranda is targeted at travelers who want to experience the Galapagos in comfort and refinement. Her fast cruising speed allows for less time traveling between the islands and more time on exploration.
Parranda Galapagos Cruise

Seaman Galapagos Motor Yacht

Seaman Galapagos Cruise
A perfect combination for divers who want to see the marvelous submarine world and also visit the Islands of Fire is a cruise on board the Sea Man Galapagos Cruise
Seaman Galapagos Cruise

Sky Dancer Galapagos Cruise

Sky Dancer Galapagos Cruise official website
the M/Y SKY DANCER, our 16-passenger 100-foot custom designed dive live-aboard. Built in 2001, the SKY DANCER offers the newest and best-equipped vessel and ultimate diving experience in Galapagos for serious divers.
Sky Dancer Galapagos Cruise


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