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Galapagos Motor Yachts. mid size cruises

The Galapagos motor yachts or cruises listed below are very similar in their facilities and services, some of them has more luxury features than other ones, but in fact they can carry a similar number of passengers in their Galapagos Cruises, starting at 16 passengers to 20 or less.

Beluga Galapagos Motor yacht

Beluga Yacht Galapagos Cruise
Beluga is a sturdy and reliable steel-hulled motor yacht. Her spacious interior has a catching modern design and is fully air-conditioned with a comfortable lounge and two separate dining rooms accommodating eight guests each. The Beluga carries up to 16 passengers that are accommodated in eight beautifully furnished staterooms (two cabins have upper and lower berths, four have two lower berths.
Beluga Galapagos Cruise

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Estrella de Mar I Galapagos Motor Cruise

Estrella de Mar I Galapagos Cruise official website
All cabins have windows, air-conditioning and a private bathroom. The yacht features wide sun-decks, bar and comfortable dining / lounge areas. Eco-tours with a difference! Estrella del Mar was re-outfitted in 2003 with a large dive deck so that it can comfortably accommodate divers
Estrella de Mar I Galapagos cruise

Fragata Galapagos Motor Cruise

Fragata Galapagos motor yacht official website
Fragata Galapagos yacht has a capacity for 16 passengers and offers lots of space and comfort for naturalist and diving cruises and enables the passengers to admire the incredible sub-marine world.
Fragata Galapagos motor yacht

Mistral Galapagos Motor Yacht

Mistral Galapagos Moto Yacht official websie
Many passengers have found memories of their Galapagos island cruise on this spirited vessel. Mistral is ideal for the more adventurous traveler/diver, who prefers the familiar atmosphere of a smaller boat.
Mistral Galapagos small motor cruise

Samba Galapagos Motor Yacht

Samba Galapagos motor yacht cruise official website
Samba is comfortable and well laid-out, offers good cabin and public - area accommodations, and has all the basic features that characterize the yachts
Samba Galapagos small motor Cruise

Tip Top II Galapagos Motor Yacht

Tip Top II Galapagos Cruise official website
The Tip Top II is a 85 foot steel hulled motor yacht built in Guayaquil, Ecuador. It provides very comfortable accommodation and meals for your natural history tour of the Galapagos Islands.

Fully refurbished in December, 1998, it accommodates 16 passengers in 8 double cabins each with private shower and toilet. There is a bar, dining room, library, sundeck and diving platform. All cabins and public areas are fully carpeted and air conditioned.
Tip Top II Galapagos Cruise

Tip Top III Galapagos Motor Yacht

Tip Top III Galapagos Cruise official website

he Tip Top III is a steel-hulled motor Yacht, built to impeccably high standard in Guayaquil / Ecuador (2001).

This first class yacht has capacity for 16 passengers in 10 cabins. Each cabin with private bathroom (toilet, shower, washbasin and vanity); locker and drawers. Bar, dining room, saloon and sun deck.

All cabins and public areas are fully carpeted & air conditioned. The Tip Top III offers very comfortable and exceptional quality natural history cruises of the Galapagos Islands.

Tip Top III Galapagos Cruise

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