NGO´s working in Quito Ecuador area for Human development process, read more and recommend organizations working at Quito as human development organizations.

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NGO's - Human Development in Quito


As a developing country, Ecuador is faced with many socio-economic problems. The population is approximately 13 million, of which over 7 million are living below the poverty line. It is impossible to ignore the glaring inequality and poverty that presents itself, whether in urban or rural areas. As such, there is a great demand for humanitarian volunteers.

A number of humanitarian programs and organization exist all and around Quito. These include Government-operated programs and religious organizations, which have a long history of educative and social work in the area.

A number of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) also provide much-needed support, particularly in the areas of Human Rights, migrant peasants, medical services, women, children and family programs, and others

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Getting involved with one of these organizations will add a more meaningful dimension to your time in Quito and perhaps open your eyes to a part of Ecuador that is ignored by the average tourist.

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If you think and organization must be listed here like a very useful resource for human development at Quito, please drop us an email.

NGO´S working in Human development at Quito

Quito Eterno Foundation, this organization work to preserve and comunicate using theatral tours, the ancient legends of Quito, the main goal is to restore and create more knowledge about Quito oral heritage in union with the Quito Historic Center. If you want to help them to raise funds or material to their project please visit them at Quito Eterno Website

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