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Laundry & Cleaning Services in Quito


Finding a convenient dry cleaning (Limpieza en Seco) or laundry service (Lavandería) should not present a big hassle to visitors.

Many of Quito's luxury hotels have their own dry cleaning or laundry service, or can arrange directly for your clothes to be picked up, washed and returned.

Even middle-range hotels may be willing to help with this. In some cases, you can pay the owners extra for laundry service.

Those in Quito on a more residential basis may want to use one of the following services, excerpted from the Quito Phone directory.

Consult this directory for more listings. You can also ask your neighbors about hiring a woman to wash your clothes by hand.

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Name Services


Clean & Clean Dry

Home service

Fresco y Limpio Laundry/Ironing

Juan León Mera y Patria 256-0666
Eloy Alfaro y Suiza 246-7134
Brasil e Hidalgo de Pinto 225-7371

Lavandería Sol Blanco Dry cleaning
Home Service
Mall CCI, CCNU 246-9623,
246-9622, 09/972-2513
Lavanderías Burbujas Home Service
Wash, dry and iron in 2 hours

255-5000 recep. 7350

Lavanderías Industriales Home Service
Dry Cleaning
Super Lavado Home service
Drycleaning Laundry
English Spoken
La Química Home service
Drycleaning Laundry


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