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Travel & Tour Tips to Quito Ecuador


Quito, like all capitals, offers its visitors the best and most complete services. During your stay you will undoubtedly encounter the art and the culture, which will make you feel at home. Nevertheless, Quito being a unique city with different cultural and climatic conditions from most Anglo-Saxon and European countries, we recommend the following hints while packing your suitcases and so you can prepare yourself in this beautiful city that awaits you with open arms.

When to travel to Quito?

Quito can be visited anytime of the year that suits you, since the climate of Quito is constant, there are interesting activities all year around. Remember that the high season goes from December to January and from June until August and the prices are higher. Even so, Ecuador is a relatively cheap destination in relation to other countries of the world.

How to dress in Quito?

Quito, in spite of being a city high in the Andes, has a varied climate and sometimes you can feel the four seasons in a single day. So, it is important to bring, besides light clothing for sunny days, to bring wool clothing, windbreakers for a sudden rainstorm. The best way to experience Quito is by walking. Therefore we recommend to pack a good pair of comfortable shoes.

When packing we recommend the following things:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Indispensable personal Medicines
  • Identification and travel documents
  • Notebook with contact and emergency numbers
  • Camera (film can be bought anywhere in the country unless a special type)
  • Binoculars
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Daily travel budget?

As we mentioned, Ecuador is relatively an inexpensive country, compared to other Latin American countries. The dollar, being the official currency of Ecuador, makes it is easy to control your finances. In Quito, you can use almost any credit card of the world and traveller's checks. However, if you pay in cash, you can obtain good discounts; when shopping do not forget to ask about these discounts. If buying cheap items, we recommended not paying with bills of high denominations, because finding change can be hard. This is an approximate personal budget for food and lodging in Quito for a day (lodging, 3 meals):

  1. Low Budget: $18,00
  2. Average Budget: $30.00 - $60,00
  3. High Budget: $100 or more

What credit cards are accepted in Quito?

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Traveller's checks mainly Visa and American Express
  • Debit cards like Visa Electron and Maestro are accepted.
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Where to eat in Quito?

The gastronomy of Quito will delight anybody with new flavors and colors. The best places are the secret spots frequented by the Quiteños (locals), always ask for recommendations, which generally cost less than $3.00. For national and international food, an excellent lunch could cost $5,00 to $7.00. Fine dinning restaurants are generally located in exclusive areas of the city or in first class hotels, where a good dish will cost $10,00 or more. For more information, visit our Directory of Restaurants in Quito

Lodging in Quito?

Lodgings from first class international hotels like the JW Marriott and Sheraton to comfortable and simpler places are also available. There are a great variety of hotels and inns throughout the city. Prices vary depending on their occupancy and quality. A comfortable and clean place can cost from $10,00 to $20,00 per person, per night (with or without breakfast), ask the local people for decent and economic places. The more expensive places are $70,00 or more. Some places charge you per person or per couple, do not forget to ask what services they offer before choosing. Do not forget to visit, the Quito Hotels Directory.

Taxes in Quito

To all purchases and consumptions there will be an added value of 12% of the IVA (Imposed added value). Generally for small purchases on the street or in transportation, the tax will not be charged. When consuming in restaurants, taverns or hotels, there is an additional 10% for service. Usually in menus there are warnings of the taxes that are included.

Health in Quito

Vaccines are not necessary in Quito. If you suffer from cardiac ailments or of hypertension, we recommended consulting your doctor for possible problems due to the altitude of Quito. If you take special medicine, we would recommend bringing a good amount of the medicine for your visit or consult with your doctor of other names of the medicine or generic names, because it might be possible to find them here under a different name.

Public health is guaranteed for everyone by the State, but private health services are recommended. There are many pharmacies that are open 24 hours, among some are the following chains: FYBECA, PHARMACY'S and WAYS.

What other basic services exist in Quito?

Quito offers all the services like water, electricity and telephone. They are available all the time and are of high quality and at reasonable rates. Gas is used for stoves and for hot water. The gas is sold in tanks, which are delivered to the homes.

There are many pump stations throughout the country and are open 24 hours a day. The pump station of Petrocomercial is the safest, biggest and has all the services. It is located on Ave. Amazonas and Eloy Alfaro.

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