Buy Ecuadorian and latin american music, Quito is the place, you can find some of the most beatiful latin american music, folk ecuador music, loo at the following music stores in Ecuador

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Music Stores in Quito


Music Stores in Quito are almost going into bankruptcy with all along the years. This because of the selling in the streets of the pirate CD's and DVD's, which are very, very cheap, for just one dollar you can buy any kind of CD or DVD of any artist.

These pirate CD's don't pay any kind of copyright and that's the reason for being so cheap, and also this is the main cause for the almost disappearance of original Music Stores in Quito and Ecuador.

There are many music and DVD stores in Quito but almost every store sell pirate CD's and DVD's so here we just have the list of the few stores that sell original and copyright CD's and DVD's. So please if you are willing to buy a CD or DVD please buy an original one so we can stop the disappearance of the music and movie industry in Quito Ecuador.

Just the biggest and oldest music stores have survived to this menace and are the following:

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Tower Records
Ave. Naciones Unidas & 6 de Diciembre - Quicentro Shopping
Phone: ( 02) 2 920 415 / (02) 2 920 416

Av. El Parque & Alonso de Torres - Centro Comercial El Bosque
Phone: (02) 2 251 754
Phone: (02) 2251 754

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Is important to know you an find all around the city, a huge amount of "street music stores" where you can find the last hits in the market, but is not legal to buy this music sources, because this people doesn't rights for any of the music tracks they mastered. We recommend to avoid it, or if you like buy it, but sometimes the disks are wrong or doesn't work in yout DVD/ CD player. Quito handicraft stores
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